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Five Thunder Dim Mak Module One Book

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Sifu Steven Burton being the inheritor of the Five Thunder Dim Mak system has finally, after much consultation with his Masters in China, launched the Worlds 1st Five Thunder Dim Mak Instructor Training Programme. The aim of this programme is to enable any martial artist to learn the methods and skills that are hidden within their own martial arts in the way that the founding Master intended.

Sifu Steven Burton has already launched the programme in England, Scotland, Ireland and Mainland China and will continue to spread this art around the World to those who wish to learn it.

The Five Thunder Dim Mak Instructor Training Programme is taught over 2 1/2 years through 5 modules which equates to around 47 hours of contact time study with Sifu Burton. Each module is around 6 months apart to allow for the future Instructor of the system to absorb and apply the knowledge and skills they learn.

The programme gives you everything you need to be able to add the rarely taught Dim Mak to your OWN martial art.

You can be one of the 1st in the World to become an official registered Five Thunder Dim Mak Instructor. See the online shop for details of venues around the world.


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