Five Thunder Dim Mak (Dian Xue) originates from two strands, the first being from Tian Men Shan and the second from E-Mei Shan. Both these two lineages were studied by Grandmaster Li Zhi Yi who in turn taught Master Steven Burton and chose him to be the 1st non Chinese inheritor of this system.The Five Thunder Dim Mak method incorporates everything from incapacitating an attacker using the points and manipulations right through to lethal effect depending on how you choose to use it. At the same time because both lineages have a prestigious history of both martial skills and healing the Five Thunder Dim Mak incorporates both.

As a student of Five Thunder Dim Mak you will become part of this genuine lineage of Masters that can be traced way back in history. With the direct authority of his Masters, Steven Burton shares this invaluable knowledge to martial artists around the world. In martial arts there are often certain gaps in the art which have never been passed down.

Five Thunder Dim Mak fills that gap and answers those questions which you have always wanted to know. The missing skills that the Masters of old would never share until the time of their death when they would pass on the teachings to only their most senior student. The Five Thunder Dim Mak can be added to any art irrespective of origin. The course is open to those wishing to learn and open up a whole new world of skill within their own martial art. The Five Thunder Dim Mak art is also extremely useful to military, law enforcement and security personnel. Learn this fascinating art and incorporate it into your existing training or teaching. For the 1st time this art is available to YOU, don’t miss out.

What the course entails :-

Module 1 – 7 hrs training
• Fundamentals of Dim Mak and weaknesses of the human anatomy / Combat applications.
• Introduction to the healing skills.

Module 2 – 7 hrs training
• Striking methods, how to attack the internal organs using Dim Mak.

• Release points to weaken the structure of the attacker.

Module 3 – 14 hrs training over 2 days

• Seizing Hands of Dim Mak, utilising the Dim Mak points to control or destroy the limbs of the attacker. • Continued learning of the 108 Five Thunder Dim Mak points and their functions with combat applications.

Module 4 - 14 hrs training over 2 days

• How to incorporate the Five Thunder Dim Mak into your own martial arts including Bunkai / application of your forms or katas.

• Internal Qi / Ki development.

• How Dim Mak works scientifically Healing using Qi and Dim Mak points

• Ongoing testing which counts towards the final grade award.

Module 5 - 14 hrs training over 2 days

• Completion of the Five Thunder Dim Mak points.

• Advanced Qi / Ki development How to make the Dit Da Jow, Dit Da Gou and Dit Da Wan medicine to heal Dim Mak or Martial injuries.

• Ongoing testing which counts towards the final grade award. As part of Module 5 the final assessment will be made resulting in a graduation ceremony which will follow the course where the participants will be awarded their certification and Duan Wei grade (sash / belt presentation) and formally become part of the Five Thunder Lineage.